Boss RC-5 Loop Station Red

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The new Boss RC-5 comes in the familiar stompbox Boss pedal format as that of its predecessors. It has full stereo I/O and, according to Boss “the most advanced interface available in any stompbox looper”. An LCD changes colour to let you know when the pedal is in record, overdub, or playback mode, and the multi-function parameter knob lets you navigate through rhythms, system settings, and more. There are two buttons for the Rhythm, an On/Off and one for Tempo, and two more that access Memory and Setup. The RC-5 has 7 different drum kit sounds to choose from.

It also has MIDI I/O on TRS jacks, which is a nice touch for players with advanced systems. It not only conserves space, but enables remote operation from MIDI and foot controllers, including MIDI sync with drum machines and DAWs.

Download Boss RC-5 Loop Station Owner's Manual