Stagg SPRF3-10 Hi-Hat Seat Felt Washer, 50mm Diameter, Set of 10

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  • A Set of Cymbal Seat Felt Washers
  • These cymbal seat felt washers measure 50mm in diameter and are ~8mm thick.
  • They protect your cymbals and, when clamped down tight with the wing nut, act as a dampener for a muted effect on the cymbal, typically using a Chinese crash.
  • They are brand new and come in packs of 10.
  • Suitable for all Ride, Crash Ride and Hi Hat cymbal stands.
  • Why not keep an extra pack in your gig back, just in case. Invaluable for when you discover a missing or worn felt at a gig.
  • Be sure to check and change felts periodically to avoid damage to your valuable cymbals.