Souldier Dream Weaver - Blue, Orange, & White - TAN ENDS

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Souldier Dream Weaver - Blue, Orange, & White - TAN ENDS

'Dream Weaver™' is a specialty line from Souldier. Named after the inspiration for the handwoven textiles, Dream Weaver™ is a combination of indigenous artistry and the quality craftsmanship from the Souldier brand.

Each shape in the weaving reflects a symbol in nature and the weaving techniques are passed through generation as a rite of passage for young women. With no two-alike, artists find their inspiration from their natural surroundings and listen to the voices that guide them to make beautiful works of art.

We are honored to support all artist communities and have turned these amazing works into one-of-a-kind guitar and bass straps that are as beautiful as they are unique.

Each strap is made with two-ply suede ends for texture, protecting the instrument and providing support that won't affect the finish of the guitar. The strap has no hardware and the tail is long enough to wrap around the body of any acoustic. Length adjusts from 47.5" to 58.5." We use a standard loop and ladder adjustment, and the tail features three button hole positions to achieve the best personal fit. Silver foil logo emboss.