NUX Mighty 20 Bluetooth Amplifier

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NUX Mighty 20 Bluetooth digital amplifier 20 watt - 8" speaker - DSP - tuner, 8 drive modes, 3-band EQ, mobile control
The Mighty 20 BT captures the essence of multiple amps in one, delivering a robust sound and a range of integrated effects. Perfect for jam sessions or solo.

With 4 channels and 2 sound presets each, you have access to the characteristic sounds of 8 renowned amps. Immerse yourself in a wide spectrum of musical tones and playing styles with ease.

Simultaneously combine 3 effects - modulation, delay and reverb - with three variations of each, opening doors to many creative possibilities.

Navigate easily through the menu, digital effects and controls via the user-friendly interface. Tune sounds to different genres, save presets and trigger them instantly with one click.

Make a Bluetooth connection to your phone and sync with the Mighty 20 BT. The dedicated app offers comprehensive control over channels, gain, level, tone and more. Exclusive features include direct adjustment of delay and reverb parameters and control over the integrated drum machine.

With 20 watts of power, an 8-inch speaker and a diverse effects repertoire, the Mighty 20 BT promises a sophisticated musical journey. Switch on 3 effects simultaneously, use TAP TEMPO and connect to the 3.5mm Aux input and headphone output. The NUX Mighty series allows you to create your own sound with personalised presets, giving you endless hours of listening and playing pleasure.


-20 Watt Output
-1 x 8-inch speaker, 4 ohm
-4 Channels (Clean, Overdrive, Metal, Lead) Each channel has 2 presets
-Gain and Level controls, 3 - band EQ (Bass - Mid - High) and Master Volume
-9 types of effects (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibe, Delay, and Reverb)
-3 types of Reverb and 3 types of Delay
-3 Effects can be activated at the same time (Mod - Delay - Reverb)
-3.5mm Aux Input, Headphone Output
-Input: -10dBu 1M ohm
-AUX In: -10dBu 1K ohm
-Power Supply: AC adaptor (DC 15V)
-Current Draw: 1.85A
-Dimensions: 380mm (L) x 186mm (W) x 340mm (H)
-Weight: 6.6kg (without adaptor)