Gibson Firebird Reissue Plus Pickup

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Brand new Firebird Reissue Plus (Nickel cover, 2 conductor, potted, 9k, Alnico 5)

Original Collection

Firebird™ pickups have been favorites of players in the know since the model was first released in 1963. While humbucking, they should not be confused with other externally similar-looking mini humbucker™ models. Internally, Firebird pickups use two bar magnets around which the coils are wound, giving them a distinctive tone that is somewhat sonically similar to single coils; bright and clear in the highs with the full, tight lows you expect from a humbucker. The Firebird Reissue Plus is wound hotter for a slightly thicker and fuller tone and wax-potted to eliminate microphonic feedback.


  • Position: Any

  • Magnet: Alnico 5

  • Wiring: 2-Conductor

  • Cover: Nickel

  • Wax potted

  • Average DC Resistance: 9k

  • Details: Overwound Firebird replica with a slightly thicker tone

  • Pairs perfectly as a bridge pickup with a Firebird Reissue in the neck position