Gibson Dirty Fingers SM (Double Black)

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Brand new Dirty Fingers SM (Double Black, 4- conductor, Potted, 15k, Ceramic 8)

Modern Collection

The Gibson Dirty Fingers SM is a new spin on the classic Dirty Fingers design that uses a single powerful ceramic 8 magnet instead of the three magnets used in a standard Dirty Fingers™ pickup for increased midrange punch without compromising the original tone of your guitar in any way. The Dirty Fingers SM also features shielded, four-conductor wiring for series, parallel, or split coil operation and is fully wax potted to eliminate any chance of microphonic feedback. It’s an excellent choice for modern or classic rock players.


  • Position: Any

  • Magnet: Ceramic 8

  • Wiring: 4-Conductor

  • Cover: None

  • Double Black Bobbins

  • Wax Potted

  • Average DC Resistance: 15k

  • Details: A new spin on the classic Dirty Fingers pickup with balanced coils and an increased midrange punch that makes it perfect for modern and classic rock.