Gibson 1975 Les Paul Signature Goldtop

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Gibson 1975 Les Paul Signature Goldtop, nice aged goldtop. You can already see the green rusted copper on the sides. Crackes in paint, this is the real deal almost 40 year old goldtop. Guitar has been played and shows wear. Some paint cracks in top and cracks in plastic pickgaurd, chips under knobs. But playes great, and is in very good original condition.

Comes with a old hard case, don't know if this one is original. Painted black and filled with stickers. Yes that's what we did back then.

The Les Paul Signature was a semi-hollowbody guitar produced in the '70s. Like the Les Paul Recording, the Signature used low-impedance plastic covered pickups. Starting in 1974, the word "Gibson" was added to the pickup covers.  

Years of Production: 1973 - 1979

Design Elements: Two low impedance pickups, volume knob, treble knob, mid-range knob, phase switch, tone-selector, stopbar tailpiece, tune-o-matic bridge 

Modified output to XLR for long cable use, but Jack also works fine.