Fender 1972 Stratocaster Sunburst Maple Neck OHSC

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Used vintage Januari 1972. Early three-bolt USA Stratocaster in original finish and with the original case. This guitar is pretty original, '72 pickups are original but had a rewind at Scheffer: 5.6N 5.8M 6.2B (balanced Scheffer set). Extra hole in headstock for string tree.  Tremolo arm is not period correct and logo on headstock is a bit early (65 version) for a 1972 but looks original to us. Neck Stamp is Correct.

Paint damage and sanding marks on the front. The previous owner used the body to put out his cigarettes but the sunburst is still prominent and clearly visible. Vintage guitars all have a story. Great sounding early 1972 Stratocaster: the real deal. 

Original pots are cleaned and still have little crackle, we can change this on request.

Pat. pending saddles (yes these are the real ones).

Original case from 1972. (mint)

Lightweight: 3,59 kg.

We always try to keep it as original as possible.