Sire V3P 5/TS Marcus Miller 5-string tobacco sunburst

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Sire V3P 5/TS |Sire Basses V3-Passive Series Marcus Miller 5-string passive bass guitar tobacco sunburst.

5-string passive bass guitar tobacco sunburst
The entry-level bass in the V series now has a passive variant. Sire V3P's Marcus Miller-approved hardware, body build and neck features, and now passive electronics complete this bass' efficiency for its cost.

- Adopting Marcus Miller's tone, V3P's pickup set and preamp are designed to create versatile sounds suitable for many styles.
- The Rosewood fingerboard with rolled fretboard edges adds more tonal depth enhancing the V3’s overall playability.
- The Mahogany body stands as a great foundation for punchy-sounding pickups.
- The bolt-on Canadian hard Maple neck of the V3 gives some snappy notes.