NUX Mighty 8 Bluetooth Amplifier

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NUX Mighty 8 Bluetooth digital amplifier 8 watt - 6,5" speaker - DSP - drums - bluetooth - USB - microphone input
The NUX Mighty 8 BT, an 8 watt portable guitar amplifier with all the features you need. Instrument and microphone inputs, effects, Bluetooth connection for broadcasting your music to play along or use the 1/8-inch aux input. Download the free mobile application to reach more exclusive features.

Equipped with the perfect-quality hardware to get the best sound for guitar playing and singing. NUX Mighty 8 BT is a small size yet powerful and musical sounding guitar amplifier.

The Mighty 8 BT can be powered with the12v adapter (included) or with 8 AA batteries (not included).


-8 Watt, 6.5” speaker
-Bluetooth connection
-2 Inputs for instrument and microphone
-Clean, overdrive and distortion sounds
-Tone, level and modulation / delay level controls
-Level and reverb effect send controls
-Drum rhythms and drum level controls
-TAP tempo to adjust the drum speed
-Master reverb control
-1/8” headphone input
-1/8” aux input
-Micro B USB input
-DC 12V negative tip power adapter input (adapter included) or 8 AA size batteries