Mission Engineering VM-2 "Black"

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In a Mint condition!

With no virtual damages, the pedal comes with the box and inventory. Hex key for tension adjustment is also included.


The VM-2 is a professional quality buffered volume pedal. The integrated buffer circuit is designed and built by Mission Engineering to preserve the fine details of your guitar tone even when you have multiple effects pedals, long cable runs, and complex switching systems. The pros have been using buffers for years to preserve their guitar signal in large touring rigs.

The treadle will remain in position when you remove your foot so you can use it to set your preferred volume. It will remain at that setting until you move it again. A tension adjuster allows you to adjust the degree of resistance from the pedal and to compensate for environmental conditions such as hot or cold weather.

The first thing you will notice about your new Mission Volume pedal is that it is built like a tank. Once plugged in you will agree that this pedal performs flawlessly, just the way you expect. The smooth travel arc gives you controllable response from 0 to 100% output. Volume pedals don't get any better than this.

The Mission Engineering Volume pedal works with regular mono instrument/guitar cables.