Fender Coronado II Cherry Red 1967

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Used vintage Fender Coronado II Cherry Red 1967, fixed termolo unit.

There are parts missing inside the tremolo unit so it's not working at this moment.

Other than that a very good condition vintage Coronado II finish is still in a bright cherry.

And the back has little buckle wear for a guitar of this age, love these 60s Fenders.


The Coronado was designed in the mid ‘60s by Roger Rossmeislwho was formerly employed by Rickenbacker. Fender intended to compete with thethen very populair Gibson® ES-330/335® guitars and they were convinced it wouldbecome a succesful guitar but the Coronado never really caught on. These daysthe unique character of the Coronado is appreciated much more, these guitarsare very comfortable to play, have great Fender necks and the DeArmond madepickups are powerful yet clear.