Fender 1975 Stratocaster OHSC Gilly Black

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Fender 1975 Stratocaster with original case

An 'almost' (like 97%) original Fender 1975 TUXEDO Stratocaster with a lot of real wear and tear. I named her 'Gilly', because she looks a bit like the Gilmour strat. 

Original Black or black over OW finish, either way, according to my luthier a factory finish with lots of beautiful wear and tear and dents. Also some craquelé, just like you would expect from a '75.  

Pickups, Pots and 3-way Switch are factory early to mid 1975 (untouched solders).  (big bell tone, sounds amazing).

The 3-way switch can be stubborn, but works. (WD40?)  

Tuners are matching F-tuners put back in, so you see some circles at the headstock. (pinholes from previous install with Schallers). 

The neck is the  factory 1975, but has lots of wear! (some like it crunchy) 

The plastic of the volume knob is replaced with an original 3-spoke vintage knob, but the colour differs a bit in daylight (not the pot, just the knob) 

Covers and plastics original. Amazing yellowing. (backplate inside the case)

The original HS-case has the same wear as the guitar and dates between 1972-1975. 

Tremolo is 70s and works, but the plastic of the tip looks a bit to white to be original. 

3,7 KG (without the case)