Fender 1966 Coronado II Custom Colour Lake Placid Blue

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The Coronado was designed in the mid-1960s by Roger Rossmeisl, former designer for Rickenbacker, as Fender's answer to the then very popular Gibson ES-330/335 models. At the time, however, the public belief was that a hollowbody with a bolt-on neck can never be anything, and the model sold poorly, despite Fender's high hopes for it. Nowadays, the unique character of the Coronado is more appreciated, among other things because of the comfortable necks (which are very similar to the Jazzmaster neck ca. '67) and the deArmond pickups that are unique to this model, which are somewhat reminiscent of Gretsch pickups. 

This Coronado has a great finish going to green, and has a candy apple red under coat wich is pretty rare to see on these custom colours.

Very good condition, comes with a Gator hardcase.

Pickguard is missing.