Fender 1964 Tremolux Amp and cabinet

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Fender 1964 Tremolux Amp and cabinet


The Fender blackface AA763 Tremolux was produced just a few years between 1964 and 1966. In terms of power and clean headroom it’s the smallest of the Fender piggy back amps. The blackface Tremolux and Bandmaster (AB763) are almost identical amps, just that the Tremolux is sized for smaller events and gigs. The Tremolux has a tube rectifier while the blackface Bandmaster has diode rectification. Both dual channel amps have tremolo but no reverb. The Tremolux has a 2×10″ speaker cabinet. It has smaller transformers (power and output) than the Bassman and Bandmaster. All these things add up to an amp with less volume, less clean headroom and more sag/compression, a more forgiving tone.

What does the blackface Tremolux sound like? It feels very much like the blackface Bandmaster, the normal channel of the Vibrolux Reverb and Pro Reverb or the normal channel of the earliest blackface Bassman (AA864). The sound is nice and clean and the tone remains relatively clean when one turns the volume knob. One does not reach the sweet spot as early as with the Reverb-amps with an additional gain stage in the preamp section. The Tremolux uses only one 12ax7 tube in the preamp section in both channels before the signal enters the phase inverter.

This amp was heavily modified during the eighties. It was rebuilt to original specs on the original tag boards using all new parts and wiring. The power- and output transformers are Hammond, the choke is original. The chassis, face plate, amplifier head shell and its hardware are original too. The amp was checked thoroughly by our tech, it runs beautifully. The GZ34 and 12AT7 tubes are vintage originals.

The original speakers (CTS 10L5-I) are included but they need to be reconed. Currently two Jupiter 10SC 10” speakers are fitted in the cabinet. Included with the sale are custom made black vinyl covers and a new tremolo footswitch.

  • Tube Chart stamp: NI (september 1964)
  • Chassis serial number: A02745 (late 1964)
  • Choke code: 606-4-34 (wk 34 – 1964)
  • Speaker code: 4656445 (CTS wk 45 – 1964)