Epiphone Texan FT-145 western 1975 Natural

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This is a sweet 1975 Epiphone FP-145 "Texan" acoustic. Made by the legendary Matsumoku factory in Japan.

In 1971 Norlin, the then-parent company of Gibson and Epiphone contracted with Matsumoku, the parent company of Aria, Westone and other brands to produce a line of entry-level Japanese imports to compete with the huge influx of cheap imports that was happening at the time.

The first of these Matsumoku-made guitars were simply re-badged Aria models. This guitar was then known as a 6730E. In 1972 the name changed back to the previous  Epiphone "FT" (for "flat top") alpha prefix and became the FT-145. At various times it was also called the "FT-145 Texan" though it didn't resemble the Kalamazoo-made FT-79 Texan.

The FT-145 "Texan" was made from 1972 until about 1978. This one is from around 1975.

This guitar has a select spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides. What's cool is it has a heel-less bolt-on neck and a zero fret. If it needs a neck reset you can do it yourself! There is a ding on the rear lower bout that you can see in the pics. Other than that this guitar is in very good condition...