J. Rockett The Alien Echo (Black)

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In a Mint condition!

With no virtual damages, the pedal comes with the box and inventory.

The Alien Echo contains all the unpredictable modulated delay sounds one would expect from a vintage tape delay that has seen better years. Tape delay harkens back to a time when audio gear had moving parts and required constant maintenance, it is this wear and tear that is responsible for creating some of the most sought after analog delay tones. The Alien Echo is an analog voiced digital delay that is capable of creating musical delay drenched sound-scapes and with the added modulation footswitch turning into an aged tape delay machine. A tone knob allows the user to control the sound of the repeated signal only, and will change the tone from warm analog to the sounds of a worn out tape delay. An added warble knob is activated by the Modulation footswitch; with it turned on the delayed signal will begin to take on the character of a very convincing vintage tape delay. As usual the Alien Echo is housed in a Rockett Pedals bomb proof case and features true bypass switching.

True Bypass switching

Controls - Tone:
effects the treble content of the delayed signal only

regeneration of delay line

balance of wet of dry signal

increased levels of pitch bending and wackiness

Delay Time:
the length of the delay line

Download J. Rockett The Alien Echo (Black) Manual and Warranty