Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime Fuzz (Orange)

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The pedal is in a Mint condition, it sounds amazing and is really one of the favourites of our staff here at Dirk Witte Amsterdam.
With no virtual damages and the pedal comes with the box and inventory.


Bigfoot Engineering make some incredibly cool pedals but one of our favorites is the Octa Puss Prime. This is an easy to control octave fuzz that instantly brings up some of the most iconic tones in rock. If you have never experienced an octave fuzz first hand this is one of the best options on the market.
Even with the gain set at 0 this fuzz circuit is able to create and incredible amount of drive that can kick you through any mix. By using your guitars and the pedals volume control you can easily tame this pedal down to suit more subtle tones but when you need your guitar to roar just crank it all up to 10.
There is no need to worry about latency or tracking with this octave pedal as the circuit that handles that is 100% analogue and passive. This means that it doesn't have any processing time so you can move as fast as you need without worrying. Lifted straight out of the Octa Puss this octave up circuit is so clean and crisp you will wonder how used any other octave before.
Designed and built in the UK using all analogue circuitry and top quality components this pedal is simple and sure to last a long time on your board. Unlike most octave pedals which use cheap silicon diodes Bigfoot have decided to go for a pair of original germanium diodes which offer a much wider dynamic response.

Designed and built in England using all-analogue circuitry and the finest quality parts.
Housed in a rugged and lightweight aluminium enclosure which is silk-screened by hand for a great looking finish that really stands out from the crowd.
Each pedal is hand serial numbered and chronicled in our records to protect your investment.
Built with the professional musician in mind, the pedal can be powered either by an industry standard 9vDC power supply, or a 9v PP3 battery fitted internally. With a current draw of >2mA, you'll have no problems leaving this one on.
We ensure you don't lose any high frequency content from your guitar when the pedal is switched off by using buffered bypass wiring.

Download Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime Fuzz Manual