Bigfoot Engineering Thunder Pup

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The Thunder Pup is not an emulation. It contains two fully fledged analogue guitar preamplifiers, based on two classic British valve (tube) amplifier designs.

The toggle switch offers two distinct flavours: The Big Amp mode has a natural low frequency compression and power supply 'sag', combined with a muscular, forward sounding lower midrange push, typical of a 4x12 stack. The Little Amp mode has a faster attack in the low frequencies, with more air in the highs, and a spring to the mids that stays cleaner for longer, typical of a 2x12 combo.

The Thunder Pup's dials react in the same way as the preamp volume and master volume controls on a classic British valve (tube) amplifier. The Gain control will increase the presence and bite by exciting the high frequencies, while the Volume control will increase the energy in the low frequencies.


Designed and built in England using all-analogue circuitry and the finest quality parts.

Housed in a rugged and lightweight aluminium enclosure which is silk-screened by hand for a great looking finish that really stands out from the crowd.

Each pedal is hand serial numbered and chronicled in our records to protect your investment.

Built with the professional musician in mind, the pedal can be powered either by an industry standard 9vDC power supply, or a 9v PP3 battery fitted internally. With a current draw of >2mA, you'll have no problems leaving this one on.

We ensure you don't lose any high frequency content from your guitar when the pedal is switched off by using buffered bypass wiring.

This is a early unit serial number 0075

Download Bigfoot Engineering Thunder Pup Manual