Gibson Les Paul Junior ( SG ) 1963 Cherry OHSC

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Very light and nice player 63 Les Paul model, with original "rare"case. Of course this is a Solid Guitar (SG) but in 1963 it still had the name Les Paul.

This guitar has had a extra pickup routing, so we've made a new pickguard. Original pickguard is included in the case. It's been refretted, and a toggle switch hole has been closed at the back. One machine head doesn't have a ring on the front. And there are signs to believe this one had a neck reset.
We changed the original nut and wrapover bridge to make it a real nice player & stage/studio worthy.
Original nut and bridge included ofcourse. It's ready to ROCK
There is something about these older SG models, the original 60s P90 pickup sounds so nice, you don't want a extra pickup on a guitar like this. Case is not is the best condition but these are known to be cheaper cases back then.