Gibson 1959 ES-225T Sunburst Original Vintage 1959

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This instrument is much more unique than it appears to be.

At first we didn't fully understand the double control set, but after some research and inspection we found out that te wiring and electronics are 100% original, and all the potmeter-holes are factory original. 

Because of this, we know it must be a custom order by a customer back in 1959. Pehaps somebody who preferred the sound of the single middle pickup version, but wanted the switching options of the dual pickup model. All Centralab potentiometers (Gibson part# CBA-811-1053) were manufactured is week35/1959, the FON number tell us of the 1959 production date. Except for the replaced output-jack, all the wiring and the pickup are untouched. The bridge and tailpiece are original Gibson parts too, but are more often seen on the ES-125T model of the same period. I see no evidence of past modification(srewholes, discoloration). The fact that the serialnumber is absent tells us that this is a one-off, in fact this is a ES-125T/ES-225T/ES-225TD. 


- new frets, fingerboard has been plained

- tailpiece screws replaced

- The guitar used to have a pickguard, but has been removed (and no longer there)

- Replaced knobs

- Repaired binding

- Touched up laquer repair at the cutaway 

This guitar comes with the original case.