Kendrick Model 2410 with Reverb unit 1995 Tweed

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Kendrick model 2410 handbuilt vintage Guitar Amplifier made in may 1995 in mint condition.
110 volt located in the Netherlands Europe. It has been more than 20 years since Kendrick introduced the 2410 combo amp. The 2410 was the first point-to-point all-tube guitar amp to hit the scene in over 15 years. It changed everything for the 90’s.
  • Solid pine cabinet covered in lacquered tweed
  • plus the extra Reverb! Tube/spring reverb ala Twin Reverb circuitry
  • Four 10” Kendrick Blackframe speakers made from NOS Donal Kapi cones (original supplier for Jensen)
  • 100% Point-to-Point handwired construction.
Still available at List price $3,895.00 in the USA, 50% pre payment and they built on order.
So long waiting time, but to get it here, this is a heavy amp.

About Kendrick Amplifiers

Gerald Weber, Kendrick Amplifiers Founder & President Kendrick has been making superior quality products since 1989. Our products satisfy the professional and non-professional alike. With customers like Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Moore, John Fogerty, Keith Richards, Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), Billy Gibbons, and Larry (down the block); our clientele includes anyone that demands the best.

All Kendrick products are manufactured, one at a time, by hand, in our factory in Kempner, Texas. The Kendrick Team ensures that every aspect of each amp passes our stringent quality standards.