Toadworks John Bull Vintage Series Britisch Overdrive MKII

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ToadWorks John Bull is an overdrive effect pedal that emulates the classic overdrive that put Great Britain on the rock & roll map. From the 60's to the 00's, England has produced some of the finest amplifiers on the planet. This is the sound that propelled rock & roll to the global force it is today, and now it's under your thumb, ready to conquer the world all over again. John Bull has been tested and used with a wide range of amplifiers, including tube, solid state and hybrid. If classic British overdrive is your cup of tea, John Bull's gonna squeeze your lemon so hard it will hurt.

Whether you are looking for Top of the Pops jangle, high-voltage crunch or creamy Woman Tone, John Bull lays the g-spot right at your fingertips. Who dares, wins. We did - we do.

Download Toadworks John Bull Manual