Ibanez AELBT1 Baritone acoustic-electric

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Punchy with plenty of headroom, this Ibanez AELBT1 6-string acoustic-electric baritone guitar has the size, projection, and expansive tone that you've been looking for. When playing this AELBT1, you'll quickly discover that its big, comfortable AEL body is a tone cannon - loud but superbly balanced. Although it's certainly capable of subtlety, this AELBT1 really shines when you dig in and get aggressive, producing a meaty, chewy tone with clear midrange and stacks of harmonic overtones. On top of that, this AELBT1's outstanding Fishman pickup system ensures that you'll sound just as good plugged as unplugged. Whether you're a strummer or a fingerpicker, you'll love the Ibanez AELBT1 6-string acoustic-electric baritone guitar.