Guitar Identification : Fender - Gibson - Gretsch - Martin

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The purpose of Guitar Identification is to provide all of the basic information required to date the guitars manufactured by Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Martin. Likely to help with any research, this book features the most comprehensive lists of serial numbers ever published on the four major American manufacturers as well as numerous insights into the most significant structural details of their instruments. 


This new updated edition contains more than 150 illustrations, and shows, for each brand, the details which will keep you "in the know." A collector's gallery is also included at the end of each chapter, displaying some of the most famous models ever designed by each company.


The book is meant to be a useful reference workbook for anyone interested in the guitars made by these manufacturers. It will become a valuable addition to all of the books and articles currently available on these "big names" in the guitar world.

ISBN  9780793502745