Mesa Boogie DC-5 Guitar Amp

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Used Mesa Boogie DC-5 valve amp, in good working condition. With mamual and footswitch.


DC-5 amplifier was designed to deliver maximum performance in a format based on simplicity. Its easy to dial nature allows
each of the two channels to deliver a wide range of sounds in both clean and overdrive styles. The Dual Caliber uses two 6L6 power
tubes to fuel its healthy fifty watt power section. We are pleased by its surprising headroom, yet truly musical “clipability” when
pushed. The DC-5’s pre-amp was no afterthought as you may have deduced by the six 12AX7s tucked snugly away under the swing
away tube clamp. Two separate sets of tubes are used to accomplish the Rhythm and Lead channels. It’s really like having two
separate amplifiers built into one chassis. Ultimate flexibility is achieved by providing two complete sets of Tone and Master controls
as well as the channel assignable 5 Band Graphic Equalizer. Two different sounds can be switched between without compromising
tone or levels.
Looking to the Rear Panel assures that all your interfacing needs are covered. A parallel effects loop with a Mix control provi des tone
insurance for even those questionable effects. A recording circuit dialed for direct to board sessions provides accurate reprod uction of
the DC-5’s pre-amp. When the session goes late into the night, the silent recording speaker mute switch comes in real handy. To use
the DC-5 in larger rack systems, or to interface to other power sections, the Slave Jack and Level Control is a welcome feature.
Three speaker jacks (one 8 ohm, and two 4 ohm) are provided to ensure the proper impedance match to many types of speaker
enclosures. An auto assign EQ rotary control lets you decide whether the 5-Band graphic enhances the Rhythm Channel, the Lead
Channel, both, or even allows footswitching of the EQ independently. The Reverb can also be footswitched in or out.
As you can see, the DC-5 provides all the features any demanding pro could need and at the same time remains simple to operate